Our Facilities

Rural Focus Ltd has the following facilities which it is able to utilize for its projects:

  • Purpose Built Offices in riparian area of Nanyuki (Kenya),
  • Training Hall with multiple group work sites and on-site kitchen,
  • Water Quality Laboratory,
  • Fully equipped branch office in Nairobi,
  • Fully equipped vehicle garage,
  • Fleet of well-serviced 4WD vehicles,
  • VHF and HF Radio communications,
  • Satellite Phones for remote field work,
  • Full set of field camping equipment.
Surveying, Mapping, and GIS
  • GIS Workstation with A1 digitiser and A1 plotter,
  • CAD workstation,
  • Total Station (TOPCON TS212)- an electronic theodolite, with data logger, capable of accurate measurements upto 1.5km,
  • Thales Promark 3 GPS Survey System ( 1 x Base Station, 2 x Rovers) accurate over 25km radius,
  • Handheld Garmin GPSs,
  • Dumpy Levels,
  • Full Set of 1:50,000, 1:100,000, 1:250,000 Maps of Kenya,
  • Software: Licensed copies of ArcGIS/ArcView, Magellan Map Source, Golden Software Surfer, Intellicad 2008, ProGEEarth (DTM), Thales Mobile Mapper and Thales GNSS Solutions Software.
Materials Testing and Water Resource Surveys
  • Portable Water Quality Analysis Equipment, covering EC, pH, temperature, turbidity, and reagents for different chemicals,
  • Paqualab for microbiological analysis of water samples,
  • Electronic temperature controlled oven,
  • Electronic scale,
  • Current meter,
  • Sediment sampling equipment.