• Mike Thomas
    • BSc. Civil Engineering, Purdue University, USA
    • MSc. Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell Univeristy, USA
    • NEMA - EIA Lead Expert(0129)
    • ERB - Consulting Engineer (E265)
    • MWI - Panel I Engineer (WD/WRP 001/26-A,B,C2,D)
    • IEK - Member (M1332)
    • Rural Water Supply & Sanitation
    • Dams & Pans
    • Hydrological Assessments
    • Hydrological Modelling
    • IWRM
    • Water Sector Reforms
    • Water Resource users associations
    • ASAL development
    • Financing community water projects
    • EIAs
  • Tom Traexler
    • BSc. Mechanical Engineering, Penn State, USA
    • MSc. Agricultural Engineering, Cornell University, USA
    • Rural Water Supply & Sanitation
    • Dams & Pans
    • Construction supervision
    • Surveying
    • Pumps & electrical installation for water supplies
    • Rural development
    • Surfer, AutoCAD
    • EPAnet
    • Quickbooks
    • Vehicle fleet maintenance & management
  • Amanda Suthers
    • BSc. Physics, University London, UK
    • Post Graduate Certificate of Education, University London, UK
    • Energy Technology for Developing Countries, University Salford, UK
    • Financial Management
    • Human Resource management
    • Business development
    • Training Program development
    • Physics Teaching(A level, GCSE)
  • Ruth A. Onyango
    • MSc. Agricultural Engineering, Egerton University, Kenya
    • BSc. Agricultural Engineering, Egerton University, Kenya
    • Post Graduate Diploma Groundwater Exploration, Water Resources Exploitation and Conservation Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel
    • Post Graduate Training Course in Environmental Hydrology for Arid and Semi Arid Regions, Hydraulic Research Institute, Egypt
    • International Training Course on Participatory GIS for Resource Management, Kenya
    • Rural water supply and sanitation
    • Financing community water projects
    • GIS and Natural resource management
    • Hydrological Assessments
    • EIAs
    • IWRM
  • Jim Mbati
    • Certified Public Accountant II
    • General Accounting Operations and Administration Procedures
    • Financial Management and Reporting
    • Financial Analysis and Interpretation
    • Liaising and Maintaining contact with external parties in the domain of Finance and Administration Issues.
    • Working Capital and Treasury Management
    • Overall Management of Financial Systems and Controls
  • June Kawira
    • BSc. Kenyatta University, Kenya
    • Rural Water Supply and Sanitation
    • Hydrological Assessments
    • Hydrological Modelling
    • Surveying and Mapping
    • Contract Management
    • Financing community water projects
    • AutoCAD, ArcGIS, EPANET
  • Hudson Asiema
    • BSc. Computer Science, California State University, Northridge, USA
    • Programming Languages: Javascript, java, CSS/HTML/XHTML, XML, AJAX, JSP
    • Tools and technologies: Eclipse IDE, Netbeans IDE, FileZilla, Cyberduck, Developer tools, GAE
    • Databases: MySql
    • Web application development
    • Android development
    • UML
    • Adobe Photoshop and illustrator CS6
  • Maxwell Barasa
    • BSc. Geology, University of Nairobi
    • GIS and RS - Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development
    • Borehole Drilling and Testing supervision
    • Hydrogeological and Geophysical Investigations
    • GIS
    • Borehole geophysical and geological logging
    • Water Resources monitoring and quality assessment
  • Millicent Wanjiru
    • BSc. Civil Engineering, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, Kenya
    • Integrated water resource management certificate, CETRAD, Kenya
    • Water and waste water infrastructure design
    • BOQ preparation
    • Draughtsmanship
    • Engineering Survey
    • Structural design
    • Construction supervision
  • Caroline W. Macharia
    • BSc. Family and Consumer Studies, Kenyatta University, Kenya
    • MA. Counselling Psychology, Daystar University, Kenya
    • NEMA - EIA Associate Expert(Processing Registration)
    • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Design and Implementation of Grievance Handling Protocols
    • Social Impact Assessment
    • Project Planning, Monitoring and Reporting
    • Water Resource Users Associations
    • Community Water Projects
    • WASH in Schools
  • Joe R. Otieno
    • BSc. Civil Engineering, Kingston University, London, UK
    • Institution of Civil Engineers, ICE (UK) – Graduate Member
    • Engineers Board of Kenya, EBK – Registered Graduate Engineer
    • Institution of Engineers of Kenya, IEK – Graduate Member
    • Construction Site Supervision
    • Earthworks
    • Quality Assurance
    • Engineering Setting out and Surveying (GPS and Total Station)
    • Small Earth Dams and Lagoons
    • Civil Engineering Hydraulics
    • Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Systems
    • Gravity Water Pipeline Design and Analysis
    • AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • AutoCAD Drafting
  • John Esther
    • BSc. Geography, Egerton University, Kenya
    • GIS Certificates, ESRI Eastern Africa, Kenya
    • GIS & Remote Sensing
    • Survey and Mapping
    • Spatial Analysis
    • 3D Modelling
    • Hydrological Modelling
    • Spatial Databases
    • Data Analytics and Python Programming
    • Web Maps App Developer
  • Katoria Lekarkar
    • Bsc. Civil and Construction Engineering- University of Nairobi- First Class Honors
    • Structural Analysis and Design
    • Project Management
  • Wainaina Njenga
    • MSc. GIS and Remote Sensing(ongoing), JKUAT, Kenya
    • BSc. Geomatic Engineering and GIS, JKUAT, Kenya
    • ISK –Graduate Member (ISK/G/013/ES/15)
    • Engineering Survey
    • Topographical Survey
    • Design and Drafting of Dam and Lagoons
    • Route and Pipeline survey
    • GIS and Remote Sensing
    • Construction supervision
    • Terrain modelling
    • Cross-sectional survey
    • Design of haffirs, charco dams and weirs
    • GIS mapping and analysis
    • Cadastral and amalgamation survey
    • Co-ordinate transformations
  • Willy Sasaka
    • BSc. Geology
    • Groundwater exploration and management
    • Groundwater monitoring and data analysis
    • Hydrogeological surveys and reporting
    • Borehole/well design and construction
    • Borehole logging and interpretation
    • Pumping tests with data analysis
    • Water quality sampling and interpretation
    • Solar water pumping systems
    • Remote Sensing and GIS