Engineering Design and Construction Supervision

RFL is a professional consultancy dealing with high-end engineering design and construction supervision. The services offered the survey, design, drawings, specifications, tendering, contract management, inspection and certification for a variety of civil and environmental engineering projects.

Water supply systems

RFL are experts in design and construction of robust water supply systems which include gravity and pumped pipelines, boreholes, shallow wells, spring protection, river intakes, water treatment systems and pumping systems (mechanical and electrical).


RFL expertise includes agricultural engineers with advanced training in irrigation systems. The professional services include farm usage designs, greenhouse layouts and designs and irrigation areas design. This is done for both horticultural enterprises and smallholder and community schemes employing realistic systems of furrow irrigation, trapezoidal bunds, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, riser pipe irrigation and manual irrigation.

Dams, Lagoons and Tanks

RFL has an experienced team of water engineers, surveyors, social scientists, GIS analysts and environmentalists who employ their expertise in the design, construction and maintenance of various dams, lagoons and tank system for various small-scale individuals to large-scale enterprises and governments. The structures include large reservoirs, sand dams, earth dams, lined lagoons, rainwater harvesting systems, underground tanks, rock catchments, elevated storage tanks and ground leveled storage tanks.

Stormwater, wastewater and sanitation

RFL is involved in major environmental restoration and protection projects with the provision of well thought out plans for sanitation, wastewater and stormwater management. The services rendered include design and construction of storm drainage systems, wastewater and sewerage treatment plants, septic tanks, water purification wetlands, water recycling systems, Ventilated-Improved Pit Latrines, cesspits and connections to central sewer systems.


RFL team of experts undertakes building construction and supervision projects which include residential housing, public utilities (schools, dispensaries and water kiosks) and commercial structures like pack houses, latrine blocks and canteens.