Water Resource Monitoring

Water resources management can only be possible if there is valid qualitative and quantitative information about the nature and condition of the water resources at any given moment. Such information can only be obtained through a proper monitoring system. RFL has highly qualified personnel that is involved with the water resources monitoring process that involves the collection of various information at specific physical locations and in particular durations of time so as to collect data for analyzing the current situation of the water resource and understand the trends in its development.

Real-Time abstraction monitoring

RFL is involved in installation and implementation of automatic water level recorders that provide real-time water level data. RFL is also involved in installation and monitoring smart meters for measuring pipe water abstraction in conjunction with Oxford University. In addition, RFL is involved in the process of the installation of metering systems in partnership with WRE and other stakeholders.

Rural Focus is also involved in the installation of GSM-enabled smart meters to monitor groundwater abstraction in wells and boreholes in the Coastal region of Kenya. The process includes regular monitoring of saltwater intrusions along the groundwater systems at the Kenyan Coastline.

Water Resource Monitoring Systems

RFL has expertise in the development of water resources information management which utilizes the real-time abstraction monitoring data. This includes; tide series databases for climate, river, groundwater and water quality data. Furthermore, RFL has qualified scientists who are involved in training and setting up procedures for data collection, quality control and data archiving as part of a robust water monitoring network.